Current Project

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HUNTINGTON HEIGHTS will be a mixed-use residential and commercial community. The development of Huntington Heights will help reduce the housing and homeless crisis in Fresno, California. CMG will develop more housing units with a cost-effective method by renovating the existing University Medical Center (UMC) structure and replacing the remaining buildings with new innovative modular housing.
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Cedar Garden
CEDAR GARDEN is a proposed 56‐unit multi-family residential development to be based in Fresno, California. The properties needed to develop the community are under Purchase Sale Agreements (PSA) and in escrow.
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Green Acres
GREEN ACRES will be a rental community for tenants 55 years of age and older. The current location is an empty lot proposed by CMG Construction Management, Inc., to develop a subject property with 226 plots for 224 homes, 1 management office, and a parking lot using the innovative modular construction method. The property is currently awaiting annexation by the City of Fresno from the County of Fresno. Upon completion of annexation and purchase sale agreement between the City of Fresno and CMG, the development, construction, and project oversight will be managed by CMG.
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