Construction Management Group, (CMG)


September 27, 2019

CMG and the County of Fresno agree on Sale of UMC Campus for Affordable Housing and Mixed-use Complex
An 800-unit affordable housing and mixed-use project to assist with the affordable housing crisis in Southeast Fresno and the County of Fresno

Fresno, Calif. — The County of Fresno Board of Supervisors has approved the sale of the formerly UMC Hospital Campus to Construction Management Group, (CMG). The sale includes the hospital towers and all adjacent buildings within the 33-acre campus with the exception of the recently constructed County of Fresno Behavioral Health Department CRT facility.

The proposed development is required to provide 80 percent of the campus to be for housing with 40 percent for affordable housing through a regulatory agreement with the City of Fresno. The plan calls for approximately 300 units of senior housing in the main hospital towers, and approximately 500 individual and family affordable units. Amenities such as a true all city Senior Activity Center, retail such as grocery/pharmacy, entrepreneurial shops, a commercial complex to house service provider organizations, green space and a community outdoor gathering area are planned.

The construction of the project will be funded completely with private funding. CMG looks to build partnerships with the City of Fresno in the Senior Activity Center, as well as with Community Organizations and the County of Fresno within the commercial service provider building. Additionally CMG will continue the support of providing parking for the Big Fresno Fair.

Three key goals for the project are:

  • Fostering a safe home for seniors, families, individuals and an inclusive environment that encourages community, while providing connections to the neighborhood and city beyond.
  • Resident and community amenities and on-site services that support all residents, especially low-income households.
  • Creating an accessible, affordable place for housing that can be an example to all, of the great need to make an impact in the 36,000 affordable housing units that are currently needed in our area.

The team at CMG drove by the boarded up landmark that is UMC many times and decided that they should buy the building. The first question asked was, “how do you buy a hospital?” Not knowing, they took advantage of a meeting with Fresno City Councilmember Luis Chavez and his staff regarding another project and when they enquired, the Councilmember told them that he needed to introduce them to Fresno County Supervisor Sal Quintero.

Working closely with Supervisor Quintero and his strong team initially, then with the Fresno County Board of Supervisors, Fresno City Council and their amazing staff, Fresno County Departments and Mayor Lee Brand’s office, a question, “How do we buy a hospital?” became a reality on September 24, 2019, with the approval of the Fresno County Board of Supervisors. 

At this time, CMG requests all media contact be with the County of Fresno as the property is in escrow at this time.